The perfect gift for any bourbon lover

This is a cherry designed to taste like…wait for it…

Our cherries

We gently preserve our cherries in demerara sugar, rose petals, vanilla bean, black peppercorn, cinnamon, star anise and a splash of bourbon to create a cherry full of bright cherry flavor, a hint of complexity and great acidity.

Their cherries

Most American maraschino cherries are bleached and brined in underground tanks before being injected with color and “flavor”. Many of the European made cherries are candied in a thick syrup that works for some preferences but left us wanting more acidity, more complexity, and more real cherry texture.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Bar friendly

We spent over a year recipe testing with one of the best bourbon bars in the country to create a cherry that could be used as a garnish, muddled, or stirred into any cocktail recipe and with any alcohol application.

“Mess Hall Cocktail Cherries are balanced and complex while being versatile enough to use as a garnish or muddled component in any cocktail that calls for a cherry. We love knowing where they are grown and how they are made… and as a bonus, they are more economical than other high-end cherries out there.”

-Susie Hoyt, Beverage Director, The Silver Dollar, Louisville, KY