Who are we?

Mess Hall Cocktail Co. brings the spirit of true craftsmanship to classic cocktails everywhere. Made in the USA, field tested since 2011.

Who are we?
We are Marianne and Hans Sundquist. We have spent most of the last ten years in Chicago, Marianne working as a chef and Hans as an artist and designer. A few years ago we started wondering why it was hard to find amazing cocktail cherries made in the USA when we were smack dab in the middle of cherry country. We bought a basket of tart balaton cherries from one of our farmer friends and made a small batch for fun. Soon, we found ourselves selling our Cocktail Cherries at local markets and before long mixologists began ordering them by the case for their bar programs. As we delved deeper into the cherry world, we fell in love with the cherry orchards themselves.  We are in awe of the farmers working tirelessly to produce incredible cherries and we’re honored to make a product that is supporting the growth of Midwestern farms.

How do we make our Cocktail Cherries?

We keep it simple. We gently press the cherries, just enough for them to release some of their juice.  We then slowly steep the juice with a handful of spices, add some raw demerara sugar and a generous glug of bourbon before pouring this delectable syrup over the cherries and canning them. We think this straightforward approach preserves the integrity of the cherry and makes for a better cocktail.

Why should you be using Mess Hall Cocktail Cherries for your bar program?


Our cherries taste like real cherries and then some. We let them be the awesome cherries that they are, preserving them in demerara syrup and a generous glug of bourbon and infusing them with the smallest notes of black peppercorn, star anise, cassia cinnamon bark and rose- just enough to put a spotlight on the beautiful complexity of the balaton cherry.


We don’t brine, bleach or candy them. To make the best cocktails, we think preserving the cherries by hand in small batches, ensures the best taste and highest quality. So that’s exactly what we do.

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